Monday, September 10, 2012

Essential Chrome extensions

I love Chrome! I love it because it seems that there's a useful extension almost for anything I need to do. I told +Adam Johnson that I will post my favorite extensions so there you go! My favorites.

Essential Google plus extensions:

Do Share

Do Share lets you schedule your posts to a later date or time. In addition, it lets you share posts to your business page from the stream of your personal account. this can be a big time saver to page managers.

A web page can be shared easily to your personal profile or business page by clicking on the extension icon. Posts can also be shared, using Do Share, directly from the notifications drop-down

The extension also allows you to save posts to draft. I was using it to write this post. The rich text editor and the option to save a draft and edit later on is extremely useful.

Nuke Comments on Google+

This extension is a must have for people with many followers, who often get spam in comments or people who get creepy comments on public posts. In two clicks ,the comment will be deleted and the person blocked or reported and blocked.

Google +1 Button

This button lets you share any website, any time without leaving the page. and if used together with the Do Share extension (see below), lets you share directly to your Google+ business page as well.

Uncircle Uncirclers+

As the limit for people in circles is 5K , I often need to make room for new interesting people. Although I do follow some people who do not circle me back, because I like their content, I do believe that if someone didn't circle me back, there is not much hope for quality interaction and I uncircle them.
I use this extension once in awhile to clean my circles. Usually after adding big shared circles.

Google Translate for Google+

Translate any post or comment easily using this extension.

Other favorite extensions:

Send using Gmail

This extension promotes itself as follows: Makes the Gmail™ webmail your default email application. But the main interesting feature, in my opinion, and the reason I use it, is the ability to email a link to a page, using the mouse right-click.

Screen Capture (by Google)

It does what the name suggests, captures the screen with an option to save to your computer or share to Picasa or Facebook

IE Tab

Internet Explorer emulator for when annoying web pages do not work well on Chrome. URL Shortener

Easy and fast URL shortening using the mouse right-click.